Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brand Spanking New Online Store & More

If you missed me at CTN and you're looking to get your hands on a set of my alphabet cards or perhaps a print, you can find them both at my new online store -
Extracurricular Activities L.A. -

Her'e are a few sketches I've done on cards. The top one is an original that's going to go up on the store.

Also I have 10 of these small watercolor tag sketch paintings that you could randomly win if you make an order from the store during the month of December.

I've also setup a site just to house all my ZoomZOO art in one place -


Tim Blair said...

I met you at CTN this last month, and purchased the Zoom Zoo cards which are fantastic. I'm a huge fan and my 6 month old loves them as well.

Denis said...

Yes, I can order the cards... Thank you!

Nicholas Hong said...

I'd love to get the card too! Characters are so cute!!:D

Unknown said...

Mike these freaking rule!!

Unknown said...

As you already know, ... Love them!!!!!