Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sci-Fi Space Business

It is rare for me to get the opportunity to do any sci-fi art outside the random doodle (either in photoshop or in my sketchbook). It's a far cry from when I was studying at Art Center and dreamt of being hired to work on the second star wars trilogy. These days my personal sci-fi work tends to veer towards experiments in design and technique. Photoshop is a great sandbox to fine tune and push your designs in infinite directions. Here are a few things from both the computer and the sketchbook.

Check back next week for some double posting action. I will scan some "How to Train Your Dragon" artwork this weekend and post it on Tuesday and will follow up with some personal stuff on friday. I'm hoping to keep up this pace. Let's see how it goes.

Line Tool spaceshapes
- Some experimenting in photoshop. I use the polygon lasso tool for the big masses, refine with eraser and brush and render form mostly with the line tool set to different opacity.
It liberates you from the world of custom brushes that has taken over digital painting.

Not Quite a Helicopter
- Rough sketches from a project that was not quite meant to be. It lives on in another interation and was fun to work on while it lasted.

For Fun
- This is an old jpeg from an older sketchbook - probably circa 2004-5
. I was very excited about some spaceship sketches I had seen in Scott Robertson's sketchbook and set out to do thumbnails for 500 unique spaceships. This is a small sampling of them. I'm hoping to find the book and update this post with better scans.


Jackson Sze said...

Really great work man. Been a fan since the Huntsman days. Glad to see more posts now!

Jason Scheier said...

Dang Mike! Love the post.. Taken em` back I see.

Annis Naeem said...

love them all, mike.

Annis Naeem said...

love them all, mike.

Ross Tran said...

These are awesome mike!

Colin Campbell said...

Oh man - I'm teaching a concept art class at MICA right now, and this post is gold for that. It's perfect for the kind of experimentation I'm trying to get them into.