Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Hello everyone! We need your help to get our project printed so we've launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Our project is an illustrated storybook about two kids inheriting an odd old house with generations of accumulated wonder - A Cabinet of Curiosities 

Here's our project on Kickstarter! 
To Thank everyone for supporting us, we're offering our books at a discount and a few exclusives(prints,books,etc).

We're also going to host a few contests giving away books so check back in for that!

Please head on over there to check out a few new pages of art and to learn more about the story. We're providing all sorts of  incentives and I'm sure there's something that you'll like. We're going all out - we're going to have a gallery show & workshop at Gallery Nucleus on October 20th of this year. Just in time for Halloween.

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