Thursday, February 9, 2012


We're exploring inspiration/influence in my Visual Development class tonight and doing these for fun. I did this one as an example and I thought it would be cool to share here.


Unknown said...

Woah! I'm honored.

Kyrstin said...

Nice! I love seeing what other artists are inspired by. Putting one of those together is actually a ton of fun, too!

Unknown said...

Definitely a great exercise. I've never done one before. Again, you inspire me to do more fun stuff.

Happy weekend!

Benoit Therriault said...

Awesome list Mike! Fun to read :)

- And yeah.. you are "influencing" me to complete mine too:D

Kevin Lam said...

This is neat, glad to see someone else really appreciates Jake Parker's little vehicle designs :)

Emmanuel Briand said...

Mike I don't know if you know Kevin Nelson but you both are the best artists I like. For your genorisity in your choice of colours and ideas. And certainly for your sense of the perfect good mood. everytime I'm so glad and happy, filled with wisdom seeing your drawings, works, or whatever you want to call what you do so well. Bravo Mike Yamada, sincerly
And don't hesitate to call me whenever you want I will be trully honoured and glad to work with you.
Emmanuel Briand


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