Saturday, October 29, 2011

WIP - work in progress

It always seems to be a busy week since I got back from the honeymoon. Here are a few things that are in progress and I'm hoping to finish up tomorrow.

Make sure to check back on Monday for announcing a new project!


Wouter Bruneel said...

This looks very promising. I love the warm feel your technique gives things. Not quite analog but far from cold or mechanical.

Emmanuel Briand said...

THAT LOOKS AMAZING , as usual mike you do a very good job , whit this little bit of comic and cartoon style mix it gives with your brush and colors that you use , a really good mood , all your works are always good. sorry for my english of course but I'm sure you've understood the main idea , you rock ! see you
sinceerly ,

Emmanuel "tokyobanana" Briand