Saturday, July 9, 2011

Original Art Raffle! 200 Followers!

I never thought I would make it to 200 followers, let alone 100. A big thank you to all of you.

So in celebration of that, I decided to raffle off 4 pieces of original art. You have 2 ways to enter -
  1. Be a follower of my blog by the first of next month (August 1, 2011) 
  2. Leave a comment on my blog during the month of July (quick! you have 3 weeks!)
2 winners will be selected out of each category.
Winners will be announced August 9th.

For more info on how to follow Click Click!

Thanks again everybody!

A small peek at what I'm up to. I'm insanely busy doing art in order to meet my printing deadline for the CTN expo. It's a lot of fun and pressure working on such a tight deadline.


Nick Carver said...

You're doing something to sell at CTN Expo? Awesome! I'll definitely have to come and say hi and buy something of ya! I was hoping to get a book together myself. Ah well... Maybe next year!

AFightingPanda said...

You shouldnt be surprised at your numbers of followers. You have really cool work and I enjoy checking it out, that is for sure.

N.Hall said...

woohoo! I hope I can make it to CTN this year!

Charles Santoso said...

Really nice watercolour piece, Mike :D and congrats on the 200+ followers. Not surprising at all for me :) All the best.

Gillibean said...

Not only an artistic talent but a business wizard too! Great idea for rewarding your followers although I know we'd all be here anyway without a treat!

I'm also hoping to be at CTNX, looking forward to you book.

Keep up the great blogging!

Gillian x

Megan Nicole Dong said...

I'm not surprised at all! The quality of work you post here is consistently awesome :)

Anthony Holden said...

Hooray for raffles! Digging on that fox in the race car.

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Horray! Although, as other people have said, 200 isn't surprising at all!
Your works are amazing and I'm sure the follower number will keep growing :)

Looking forward to future posts!


Unknown said...

Beautiful work. I specially have a soft spot for the watercolors.

Pauline Yiu said...

I recently stumbled on your blog and its really inspiring! I hope to work in the animated feature film industry one day too. Until then I'll just have to get a taste of what its like through your blog. Looking forward to your future art!

ChrisD. said...

Congrats on the 200+ followers! There will be plenty more coming still I'm sure.

rad sechrist said...

Love that fox!

"TORI CAT" said...

Ooooo, HOpe you get everything done in time for CTN!
I'v got my own booth there this year too. Im going into hospital on Aug 5th for a jaw replacement!! OUCH!!
Iv been told its a 6month recovery, SO in theory i wont be well enough for CTN.... but im hoping my good will and positive nature will help me heal quicker!!
HOpefully i'll see you there!! Im putting a sketch book together for it. It will be my project to keep me busy whilst im in recovery. Must get it done in time for the show!!
In say that, im busy getting prints ready for comic con right no!!
I better go, time is running out!!!
(If your going to be at comiccon in san diego, com by Craig Elliott's booth, i'm sharing with him) will be nice to say hey!
All the best!
Good luck!!

Arthur Fong said...

you realize you have over 300 followers? Oh and I'm just posting because I want to be part of the raffle ;)

Nacho Yag├╝e said...

Nice! :O . yes that what i wanted to say.. you have now 313 followers so far! :D

pencrush said...

I'm a new follower to your work, and I'm loving your posts! Keep up the good work!

Erika Meza said...

I'm starting to follow, and there's 359 followers now. My brother asked whether that means it's now two prizes instead of one XD

Wonderful, wonderful work!! I actually followed before I noticed there was something in return :3